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Testosterone Therapy and Cardiovascular Risk: Advances and Controversies

We are pleased to announce publication of a major review of the literature regarding testosterone and cardiovascular (CV) risk by the ASG, appearing in the prestigious journal, Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

This article is accompanied by a video interview of ASG Chairman, Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, on the website of Mayo Clinic Proceedings. This article provides a solid basis for understanding the value and indications of testosterone therapy, as well as the criticisms that have gained so much media attention.

The review finds no scientific basis for claims of increased CV risks, and in contrast, provides evidence based on dozens of studies showing that low testosterone levels are associated with increased mortality; testosterone therapy has shown benefits compared with placebo in men with known CV disease; and testosterone therapy improves known CV risk factors.

Dr. Morgentaler summarizes key conclusions from the Mayo Clinic Proceedings review paper, written by the Androgen Study Group.

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